Baby boomers spend the most online (but Gen X buy more)

Latest research has found that baby boomers across the globe spend more money online than the younger generations.

Tesco Takeaway Butter Chicken

Tesco recalls ready meal over allergy risk

Tesco has issued a notice recalling a popular ready meal after it was revealed to be a risk to customers with allergies.

Eating Out
NASUWT rally

NASUWT announce details of their second day of NI strike action

The largest teachers' union in Northern Ireland has today issued notice to employers of the second day of rolling strike action on 31 January 2017.
Summer holidays are now peak divorce season

New Year overtaken by summer holidays as peak divorce season

New Year has been overtaken by the end of the summer holidays as peak divorce season, according to family lawyers.

Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso and Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story review: the movie the prequels should have been

With the rumours of extensive reshoots on Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars spin-off, you could be forgiven for a harbouring a certain amount of trepidation towards Rogue One.
TV and Film
Die Hard

The best festive films to watch on Netflix this Christmas

Here are six of the best festive films to watch on Netflix, if you want to get into the spirit early.
Trying to get off to sleep

Parents turn to tech for extra 1hour 30 mins sleep per night

Parents across the UK are damaging their children’s sleep patterns by relying on technology to get them off to sleep, a new report has found.

Eating trendy shoots or microgreens favoured by celebrity chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Heston Blumenthal can help prevent heart disease, according to new research.

Trendy red cabbage good for the heart

Eating trendy shoots or microgreens favoured by celebrity chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Heston Blumenthal can help prevent heart disease, according to new research.

The norovirus

Advice on how to deal with ‘winter vomiting bug’ as cases expected to rise

The winter vomiting bug also know as norovirus, is one of the most common stomach bugs in the UK and is particularly common at this time of year - but do you know what to do if you or a loved one catches it?

A child's first words are more likely to be something they can see.

Babies say what they see for first words

If dad’s want ‘dada’ to be the first word their baby utters then they need to do their share of early childcare, according to new research.

A robin

Feeders and crows bad news for robins

Bird feeders that attract crows could spell bad news for the red breasted robin, a new study found.

A doctor checking a child

New study reveals lack of awareness from parents at spotting symptoms of meningitis

Parents admit they would struggle to identify the signs of meningitis, spot if their child was being bullied - or even perform CPR on a baby or child, a study has found.


ASDA to cut fuel price tomorrow

Asda is cutting fuel to new national price cap of 110.7ppl on unleaded and 112.7ppl on diesel.
People in the UK are unaware of many factory farming techniques

Pulling teeth, docking tails and killing male chicks - legal farming techniques most people are unaware of

Millions of people have no idea how their food is produced - with six in 10 admitting they didn't realise dairy cows needed to be pregnant in order to produce milk, a study has found.

New advice could reduce cot death risk by 50 per cent.

Babies should share bedroom with parents - but in their own bed

Babies should sleep in the same rooms as their parents for the first year of their lives - but never in the same bed - as it reduces cot death by 50 per cent.
There are various benefits available to pregnant women

North of Ireland wants abortion reform says Amnesty International

Nearly three quarters of people in the North of Ireland want abortion to be available in cases of rape and incest and when the foetus will not survive outside the womb, according to a new Amnesty International poll published on Tuesday.

How has your name performed?

Comeback kid or rising star? How has your name performed since 1904?

Names, love yours or hate it, we’ve all got one and now a new tool can reveal how popular our monikers have been over the past 110 years.


Watch: Carnlough’s Cora defies doctors to celebrate 8th birthday

Brave terminally ill Carnlough girl Cora McQuade-Denvir has defied doctors’ expectations to celebrate her eighth birthday.

Author Claire Allan  who has launched The Mammy Monologues along with English based journalist Anne-Marie Scanlon

Calling all mammies, new book needs you!

Derry Journal reporter Claire Allan, along with English based journalist and author Anne-Marie Scanlon, is on the hunt for mammies of all ages, persuasions and beliefs to take part in a major new project.

8 years-old Summer Condren-Crossan (front right), with her sisters, 4 years-old Molly and 16 years-old Roisin, at their Slievemore Park home this week. DER1914MC015

A hospice for all our children

The word ‘Hospice’ has certain connotations - mostly that of end of life care and the admission of patients who are very seriously ill.

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