Adultery website sees massive rise in Derry membership

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Almost 140 people from Derry have signed up to a website that facilitates extra marital affairs in the first few weeks of 2013. spokeswoman and adultery expert Emily Pope told the ‘Journal’ the site has seen a record surge in new members since the turn of the year - and she says around 35 people from Derry have signed up since January 1.

She also says that for the first time more married women are signing up to the adultery dating service than men.

“When we launched Undercover Lovers three years ago we had approximately 7 men joining for every 3 women,” she says.

“Since then however the gender ratio of our membership has been moving progressively towards parity. If the trend of this month continues through 2013 we could soon reach the point where ladies outnumber the gents using the site, which would finally put paid to the preconception that men are intrinsically more adulterous than women.”

Emily says UndercoverLovers now has a total membership of 887 people from Derry. Since January 1, 78 Derry women and 59 Derry men have signed up for the site’s services.

“Traditionally we believed that a woman who had an affair was looking for emotional fulfilment, whereas men were looking for sex. But that’s outdated,” Emily says.

“Today’s women are more independent, feel more powerful and have a greater sense of entitlement than previous generations. Increasing numbers of them are enjoying what they perceive to be no-strings flings. They have no desire to end their marriages. Instead they are searching for sexual and emotional variety in an otherwise humdrum routine.”

UndervcoverLovers says it now has close to 15,000 members in the north, and almost 700,000 across the UK.