‘It’s our City of Culture too’

Members of the Caw Community enjoying the Irish Cultural day at the Age Concern Centre.(1503JB25)
Members of the Caw Community enjoying the Irish Cultural day at the Age Concern Centre.(1503JB25)

The sound of the uilleann pipes, a guitar, a fiddle and a flute spill out from the Age Concern building on Chapel Road,

The event is part of the City of Culture schedule and is the first of five cultural events which will be held in Age Concern.

Emer Doherty, from Age Concern, said the event was a great way of bringing older people from Catholic and Protestant communities together through culture.

“I think it’s great that the Culture Company have helped to make sure that the older people of the city get to see the benefits of Derry’s year as City of Culture.

“We have older people from Bond Street, Top of the Hill, Irish Street, Currynierin and Tullyally here today.

“As you can see everyone is having a great time and we are already looking forward to our next City of Culture event. The music today is Irish traditional music but on Wednesday April 17 we will be hosting a jazz event - it should be great fun,” said Emer.

Sarah Coyle from Tullyally said that listening to the Irish music took her back to when she was a young girl. Sarah said the music made her feel young again and said as soon as the interview was over she was going to join her friends on the dance floor for a “wee twirl”.

“This is the kind of music we listened to when I was a young girl. We didn’t have all of the things that young people have now.

“Coming here today has really taken me back to my younger days - I think I’ll go for a wee twirl later.

“I also think it’s important that the older people of the city don’t get left behind when it comes to the City of Culture - it’s our City of Culture too.”

Jean Mullin, from Prehen, was keen to get in on the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations early. Jean turned up to the Irish music showcase dressed from head to tow in green and topped off her outfit with a little green leprechaun hat.

“It’s great to come here and have a bit of fun with people from different communities. These events are all about bringing together older people through culture.

“Everyone here is probably revisiting their younger days whilst listening to the music. There’s a great atmosphere here today and I am just so thankful to Age Concern for organising such an event,” she said.

Lloyd Magee and Kathleen Gamble are the Chairperson and vice-Chairperson of Bond Street Community Association respectively.

Lloyd expressed his gratitude to Age Concern and the Culture Company for organising such an “amazing” event.

“Words can’t describe how much this type of event means to the older people of the city. It’s just amazing. Even something as simple as transport to and from here means so much - I can’t speak highly enough of Age Concern,” said Lloyd.

Kathleen described the atmosphere at the event as “relaxing” and said she was already looking forward to next month’s jazz event.

“It’s hard to beat really good music. All you have to do is look around at all of the people here today - it’s so relaxing.

“I am looking forward to the jazz concert here next month and I also can’t wait to experience the Fleadh when it comes to the city during the summer.” For more information on Age Concern Derry, telephone 028 7134 7478.