Love is in the air for Ailbe and Andrew’s wedding day

Ailbhe McDaid and fiance Andrew Temple, who tie the knot today. (DJ-1402-GMI-02)
Ailbhe McDaid and fiance Andrew Temple, who tie the knot today. (DJ-1402-GMI-02)

February 14, Valentine’s Day, it’s the most romantic day of the year, with love, hearts and red roses the name of the game.

No wonder then that local couple Ailbe McDaid and Andrew Temple have chosen today to get married.

Ailbe told the ‘Journal’: “Your wedding day is all about love, so it seemed a great idea to get married on Valentine’s day.”

Together almost eight years, the couple have actually known each other since they were teenagers, and it was at someone else’s wedding that they reunited.

Engaged for seven years, the couple were in no rush up the aisle, but sitting over dinner in Pitcher’s Restaurant in November 2012, they simply decided, “The food tastes great, why not get married here?”

And as simple as that they looked forward to a date that suited.

Ailbe said: “I really wanted to get married on New Year’s Eve but it wasn’t available so I looked at the next big date on the calendar and Valentine’s day it was. It did also seem like a lovely day to marry, how could it not?”

Fifteen months later, and in a whirlwind of organisation, the couple are to be hitched today at St. Joseph’s Church in Galliagh in front of 220 of their family and friends - and the watchful eye of Cupid and his famous arrow too.

Chilled out and relaxed in the last countdown to the big day, Ailbe didn’t even let the snow put a dampener on her spirits.

“I just can’t wait now. I can’t believe it’s real.”

The couple’s only worries are for some of their guests who are travelling to Derry from as far afield as Holland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, London and Liverpool.

And despite not looking at St. Valentine’s Day as their first wedding date of choice Ailbe admitted it was hard not to let some red creep into her colour scheme.

“It would be hard to get married on the 14th February and not include a splash of red! But it’s not the main colour.”

Escaping a snow covered Derry for the hot climes of Egypt for their honeymoon, the happy couple are sure to leave surrounded in the glow of romance and love.