22 words and phrases only Derry ‘wans’ will know

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What about ye hi?

Here’s a quick ‘gleek’ at some of the words and phrases only Derry wans will understand....leave us a comment and let us know your favourite Derry-ism

Alright there! - Hello, a greeting

Bars - Gossip, eg ‘What’s the bars?’ or ‘Any bars?’

Broke to the bone - Highly Embarrassed

Bake - Face or mouth

Cat - Not good

Duck (Rare) - Eccentric person, eg ‘a rare duck’

Dead Broke - Very Embarrassed

Foundered - Cold

Good steever - a forceful blow, most likely a kick

Gunk - Severe disappointment

Juke - A quick look

Join -To tell off (scold)

Lock - A quantity or amount of

Lured stiff - Delighted

Ready for the hills - Harrassed, under pressure

Starving - Cold

Stews - A local delicacy made from Doherty’s mince, potatoes and onions

Start - To provoke to the point of argument eg ‘Are you starting?’

Up a tree in Rosemount - Whereabouts unknown

Wee buns - Easy

Yes or Yes Hi - A greeting