Charity shop twin pic mystery solved

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The mystery of the unknown twin girls - the subject of the Journal’s picture story last week - has been solved.

Last Friday we printed the portrait style photograph, taken by renowned Derry lensman Patrick J Hegarty in his ‘Studio 39’, and asked for our readers’ help in identifying the girls in the picture.

The portrait had been handed into a charity shop in Letterkenny and passed onto the ‘Journal’ in the hope of tracking down the photograph’s subjects.

And after reading of our appeal via Facebook, one of the girls got in touch.

Fionnuala Corr says she thought it was “hilarious” that she and twin sister Frankie, ended up on a charity shop shelf.

“The same photo framed is still on display in The Corr family home in Derry,” she says.

“I have to say I found it quite hilarious that we ended up on a charity shop shelf in Letterkenny.

“Someone in our family tree must have got fed up looking at us after 50 years. I’m glad the shopkeeper thought we were worth being reunited. I guess Frankie and I can decide which of our children we pass this one on to.”

The former Thornhill pupils both went onto have careers as PE teachers - Fionnuala in Bedford, England, and Frankie, who still lives in Derry, closer to home in Strabane.

Fionnuala, who married a twin, now has five children of her own - including two sets of twins - while sister Frankie has three teenage children.

She says while the sisters were surprised to see their photo turn up in the paper, they are no strangers to having childhood snaps appear on the pages of the ‘Journal.’

“We went to Thornhill and apparently old netball and volleyball photos have been featured in the Derry Journal in the last couple of years.”

Fionnuala also sent us a more recent photo of herself and Frankie “so that your readers can be satisfied that we have been found.”

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