From the archives - November 1980 - ‘No need for High Sheriff’ - Councillor McAteer

At its reconvened monthly meeting, Derry City Council agreed to write to the appropriate authority saying that they felt that there was no need to have a High Sheriff in Derry.

The proposal was made by Irish Independence Party Councillor Fergus McAteer, who said that it was not meant to reflect on the incumbent High Sheriff, and was seconded by Councillor John McChrystal. The Town Clerk, Mr Colm Geary in a report to the Council, had said that the present High Sheriff, Mr J.V. Arthur, had been in touch with him.

“Following last year’s practise I would seek the name of a representative from each of the political groupings in the Council who would meet with me and the High Sheriff in order to discuss nominations for submission to the Secretary of State.