Nostalgic video brings Derry of yesteryear back to life

Nostalgia and history buffs can take a poignant trip down memory lane thanks to video footage discovered in the Northern Ireland’s Housing Executive’s archives.

The seven minute video, reproduced on our site with permission from the Housing Executive, features film of a Derry now long forgotten to many.

Filmed in the mid 1960’s, the footage captures the construction phase of the Rossville Street flats, and the hustle and bustle of life in the city’s many terraced rows.

Viewer’s can get a glimpse of the now long gone cattle market and Walker’s Pillar, blown up in 1973. Once popular pubs, The Elephant on Bishop Street and Phelan’s, are also featured.

You can view children playing and people going about their daily business in and around streets including Long Tower Street, Howard Street, Henrietta Street Fahan Street and Foxes’ Corner.

You can take a nostalgia fuelled trip around Long Tower church as it was some fifty years ago, see William Street , Westland Street and the Lecky Road as they were then - all very different to those of today.

And we hope you will log on, view the video, and share your memories and thoughts of Derry back in the day.