1,000 volunteers call to ‘Wave on the Walls’

Something very special will take place on Sunday, August 25, during the annual ‘Derry Walls Day’. Not only is our glorious city celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the walls being conceived - the Holywell Trust need 1,000 volunteers to help mark the occasion.

It’s all part of Heritage Week, when 23 towns across Ireland will be celebrating the heritage of their own Town Walls. In Derry, this month marks 400 years since the moment in August 1613 when two representatives from the City of London “viewed and trode out the ground at the Derry for the fortification there.”

To recreate the marking out of the walls four centuries ago, Holywell Trust are inviting local community groups and organisations to join with them in creating a continuous red line of over 1,000 volunteers wearing specially designed t-shirts along the top of the ramparts.

“The event will be photographed from the air and everyone taking part will receive a specially designed certificate. Four hundred years on, we want the most diverse range of organisations to help us make a big statement that Derry’s Walls belong to everyone,” said Janeen Leese of the Holywell Trust.

Pre-register your interest at www.walls400.com/waveonthewalls or email: janeen@holywelltrust.com