1981 at the Gasyard Feile

Actor Tony Devlin. tonydevlin 0707lm77.JP
Actor Tony Devlin. tonydevlin 0707lm77.JP

A one man play looking at the lives and backgrounds of the ten men who died in the 1981 hunger strike plays as part of the Gasyard feile.

Acclaimed Belfast actor Tony Devlin not only wrote the script but performs and directs the production.

Surrounding the harrowing events that occured in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh, ‘1981’ focuses on the men involved in the hungerstrikes. The drama gives us a telling insight into the extraordinary lives of those directly involved in the extraordinary circumstances.

Actor Tony Devlin has appeared opposite Bruce Willis in Harts War and starred in hungerstrike movie H3, Band of Brothers and Breakfast on Pluto.

Speaking to the Derry Journal Mr. Devlin said: “I was in a play to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Hungerstrikes and on the 25th anniversary we toured with ‘Diary of a hungerstrike.’

“For this anniversary I wanted to do something as well. I wanted to take a progressive forward thinking look at the legacy of the strike. I asked what does it mean for future generations. I wanted to do something slightly different so I started studying the ten guys and who they were, what kind of upbringing they had.

“I suppose I really wanted to find out what drives a 14 year old boy from rural County Derry to join the Fianna Eireann?”

The deep insight into the lives of the men examines who they were more than how they died. Through music, song, visuals as well as the live performance the show takes the audience on a journey of how ten men shook their world from their prison cells.

‘1981’ opens at the Gasyard for one night only as part of the 18th annual gasyard feile. Doors open at 7pm, curtain 7.30pm, admission costs £5.

For more information contact the Feile office on (028) 71 262812.