‘An emotional trip to Lativa’

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After collecting thousands of goodies from generous local people, two Inishowen men spent four days travelling to Eastern Europe to deliver their gifts to disadvantaged orphans.

In what turned out to be an emotional trip to Lativa, Greencastle man Seamus Carey and workmate Stas Casian [originally from Moldova, but now living in Moville] left the village on Tuesday 22nd November, before arriving in the Latvian town of Sidrabini four days later on Friday.

In the run up to the trip, Seamus and Stas collected masses of toys, clothes, toiletries and other vital items with the help of their neighbours, friends and people across the North West.

To mark their trip and thank people for contributing Seamus, Stas and their wives Eileen and Liga have arranged a night where they will showcase photos from their trip in the Castle Inn in Greencastle next week [Friday 13th January] at 9pm. This is a free night and everyone is invited. There will also be refreshments on the night.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, Seamus said they had a great feeling after completing the long journey across Europe.

“When we at the orphanage at about 4pm on Friday, it was very dark and there was an eerie dreary feel to the place, but once we got inside that feeling quickly disappeared. It felt very nice and warm, and the children, who had been waiting patiently on us to arrive were excited to see us. Travelling over there and delivering the toys and gifts really made me feel good, it was a very emotional trip.

“There were children of all ages, including two 18-year-old girls, we had something for everyone though. A local woman had put together a big package for the older girls with everything they would need and want and so they shared that between them.”

As well as the orphanage, the two men also delivered toys to a local playschool and gave out more stuff free to people in the streets.

Despite it being a “long and tiring” trip, Seamus and Stas said they would be very keen to make the journey again to provide children with toys from Inishowen.

“I’d like to thank everyone who donated, given the times that are in it, people were very generous.Also, I liked to thank our wives Eileen and Liga were a great helping packing and sorting all the donations, that wasn’t an easy task,” said Seamus.