Andrew’s mum “overwhelmed” after councillors back detox campaign

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The mother of tragic Derry teenager Andrew Quigley said she was delighted that Derry City Councillors have given their full backing to the campaign for a detox centre.

Colette Quigley made a heart-breaking personal appeal before the June meeting of the Council’s Regional Services Committee.

Ms Quigley told those gathered how her 19-year-old son had had taken his own life at the Foyle Bridge “because he couldn’t cope any more with his life”.

She also explained how she had gone to try and get help for her son’s addiction problems but found that there was no adequate facilities or resources in place to help them.

“I have a heavy burden because I am now here to speak for every other person in Derry who is going through the same thing I went through last year.

“A lot of people have contacted me saying they are in the exact same person trying to get help.”

She compared dealing with a child going through addiction as being “100 times worse” than dealing with a teething baby at night.

Ms Quigley said after the meeting: “I’m so overwhelmed by the response I got in there today. I knew it was going to be positive but I didn’t expect that level of support to be honest with you.”

Veteran detox centre campaigner Fionbarra O’Dochartaigh, who also spoke at the event, was also appreciative of the support.




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