Artist Ballagh to unveil new mural in Bogside

Artist Robert Ballagh will unveil the new mural in the Bogside tomorrow.
Artist Robert Ballagh will unveil the new mural in the Bogside tomorrow.

A new mural is to be unveiled in the Bogside as part of this year’s commemorative events to mark the 42nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

The mural, which will be launched tomorrow at Glenfada Park (1.30 p.m.), is based on artist Robert Ballagh’s ‘The Third of May - After Goya, 1970’.

Robert Ballagh will himself launch the new mural, which has been produced by local artists and volunteers.

A spokesperson for the Bloody Sunday March Committee said: “We were delighted when Robert Ballagh agreed to give permission to the Committee to adapt his 1970s artwork for this year’s events surrounding the on-going campaign for justice.

“The artwork on which the new mural is based was making direct reference to Francisco Goya’s anti-war painting ‘The Third of May 1808 in Madrid’.

“Goya sought to commemorate the bloody massacre in Madrid by French forces in 1808 during Spanish resistance to Napoleon’s armies during the Peninsular War.

“Using Goya’s work for inspiration, Robert created his artwork as a response to the redeployment of British troops on to the streets of Derry and Belfast in 1970.”

The spokesperson added: “The committee would like to thank local residents for their support for the project and would encourage as many people as possible to come to the launch or, indeed, to visit Glenfada Park to view the artwork in the weeks before the Bloody Sunday march which will take place on Sunday, February 2 at 2.30pm”

Also due to speak at tomorrow’s launch is Eamonn McCann, of the Bloody Sunday March Committee.

Meanwhile, a representative of the family of Mark Duggan, whose death from police gunfire in London sparked riots across England in 2011, will speak as part of the commemoration programme.

A new pamphlet, ‘Go On The Paras’, written by Eamonn McCann, will be launched on Friday. (See Mc Cann, p.16)