Artists’ campaign for studios pays off as new home secured

One of the artists Carl Taylor in his new studio (photo couryest of Alison Hancock).
One of the artists Carl Taylor in his new studio (photo couryest of Alison Hancock).

A group of artists who launched a campaign after they were forced to vacate their studios have finally secured a new home.

The artists, previously known collectively under the banner the ‘Pump Street Artists’, are now settling in to their new city centre studios on Bishop Street.

The group launched a Just Hanging On campaign last year to try and save the Pump Street studio after they were forced to hand back the keys because the group they were renting through folded.

They had come together during the City of Culture year with the intention of expanding arts within the Cathedral Quarter of the city.

Derry had then only six subsidised artists’ studios, which was describe as drastically few compared with other areas of the North.

The campaign to keep their studios open included a guerilla art installations across the city centre featuring various silhouetted figures ‘just hanging on’.

The new Bishop Street studios (located above Henderson’s Music) accommodates 10 artists with diverse disciplines including printmaking, sculpture and photography.

Added to the Creative Village Arts studios in Pump Street, they bring another 14 studios to the provision in the City.

The new studios are fully self-supporting and are run completely by the artists themselves, with voluntary support, which they described as “very welcome”.

Carl Taylor, one of the artists in Bishop Street studios said: “We hope that – as a community of artists – we can now work to raise the profile of artists in this city, not only locally but also regionally, nationally and beyond.

“In the end we have made this happen ourselves, and what we have gone through has helped bond us as a group and given us a very positive outlook for the future.”