AT LAST: Proof rock isn’t dead!

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The long yet eagerly awaited second album by Derry rockers, Fighting With Wire (FWW), has just been released on Xtra Mile recordings.

Having parted way with major label, Atlantic, FWW have, at last, been able to let fans hear their second album ‘Colonel Blood.’

‘I wont let you down’ the second track on an album which was actually ready for the shelves in early 2011, features FWW at the top of their game. Though from the first feedback laden guitar riffs of ‘Waiting on a Way to Believe’ to the tender ‘Run For Cover’ there is no dip in form, no fillers, just single ready rock tunes. With every riff, drum beat and catchy chorus on ‘Colonel Blood’ FWW seem determined, indeed guarunteed to recapture the excitement generated by their 2008 debut ‘Man Vs Monster.’

Guitarist and lead-singer, Cahir O’Doherty, said: “I love the album and we’re glad people can hear it. It was a strange position we were in with Atlantic, we just wanted to get the album out. Basically we were in the position of having to fight to get ‘Colonel Blood’ released. It was a frustrating process. Thankfully Xtra Mile stepped in.”

Cahir reveals things were so bad that: “We came pretty close to not being a band anymore. Which would have been a shame as I really love the record. I think the songs are great. We wanted to release the best record we could make as our major label debut. The major label however seemed to think rock was dead.”

After a long road to the shop shelves what does Cahir think on hearing his second album? “I can’t wait to write the third one. I’m really proud of it. We can’t leave it as long with the next record.”

The band have supported Therapy? and Helmet this year but will tour the UK in November and Ireland in the New Year.

“It is like starting again, all the momentum we built on the first record is gone. So we are essentially starting again.”

With two beautifully crafted albums under their belt, many bands will envy the strength of Fighting With Wires new starting position.

The critically acclaimed ‘Colonel Blood’ is available in all good record stores now.