Baby boom as new births soar

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When it comes to having babies it seems Derry couples haven’t been put off the notion by the recession. The city is in the midst of one of the most significant baby booms in years, the Sunday Journal has learned.

It’s understood local midwives and medical staff have been kept busy with a 30% leap in the number of birthss.

The trend looks set to continue in the coming months with increasing numbers of expectant mothers reporting to local medical centres.

District Registrar Michelle Duddy, who’s based in Derry’s Guildhall, said this week that when it comes to registering new births, she and her staff are busier than ever, with an increase of around a third in the amount of new babies being registered compared to this time last year.

“There appears to have been a Baby Boom with approximately 30% more babies registered in the first two months of 2011 in comparison to the same period last year,” Ms. Duddy said.

The local registrar said parents visiting the Guildhall were reporting on big numbers of new arrivals at local hospitals.

“Mums and dads visiting the Registrar’s Office to register their babies are commenting on how busy the maternity wards were during their stay in hospital. They are full of praise for the hard work and dedication of all staff in the hospital. They also talk about how the midwives are looking forward to a further increase of births in the months that lie ahead.” she said.

Ms. Duddy said that despite being busy, staff at the Guildhall were delighted with the amount of happy families registering their new babies.

She added: “For staff it is really heart-=warming to hear of their stories of excitement, relief and thankfulness. The staff at the office have also been very aware of all the new little lives in the district as hospital notifications flagu up new births and the parents then visit to register the birth of their child. All of these little lives will also help plan the future needs for the citizens when they are recorded on the upcoming census.”