Become ‘architects of new order of co-operation’: Latimer

Rev. David Latimer
Rev. David Latimer

A Derry cleric is encouraging people across the city to “become the architects of a truly new order of co-operation.”

Rev. David Latimer - who has spearheaded a series of cross-community initiatives in the city - says nothing should be allowed to separate “one tradition from the other across this great city and throughout this country.”

The First Derry Presbyterian minister was speaking at a service of celebration at St Columb’s Cathedral to mark the 400th anniversary of the planning of the city’s historic walls.

He said: “While walls and, for that matter, rivers have effectively contributed to defending cities and protecting people, they can, as we know only too well in this part of the world, serve successfully to divide a city and keep its people apart.”

He added: “All who aspire to build new relationships can become co-authors of a new story and the story we tell today will have a bearing on the story we tell tomorrow.”

He urged people to “leave aside tired generalisations” and “speak always to the good in people and earnestly seek to get to know one another.”