Council staff to protest

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Workers from Derry City Council’s Museums department and Guildhall staff will be holding a protest this lunchtime over restructuring plans which have already seen a number of staff placed at risk of redundancy.

The protest is being organised by NIPSA which has called on the Council to “revisit their plans and ensure every effort is made to retain experienced and dedicated staff”.

Alan Law, NIPSA - Higher Executive Officer, said: “NIPSA is disappointed that Derry City Council has not embraced the opportunity of the re-opening of the Guildhall to retain experienced staff and to help them develop into the new job roles that Council plans to create.

“We hope that local councillors will defend these jobs with the same vigour as they would if another employer was embarking on a rolling programme of redundancy threats.”

According to Mr Law more than 30 staff within Derry City Council face continued uncertainty about their employment.