Even Einstein was in a union

Local trade unionist Liam Friel. (3112MM25)

Local trade unionist Liam Friel. (3112MM25)

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A leading Derry trade unionist has encouraged all workers in Derry to join a union.

Liam Friel, a member of Derry Trades Council and chairperson of NIPSA branch 73 at Waterside House, said it is vitally important that workers are unionised.

“The importance of trade union membership should never be underestimated, or dismissed lightly,” he said. “In Derry, there was the recent successful campaign to retain public sector jobs at Waterside House and there is also a campaign ongoing to retain posts at Coleraine DVA. Trades unions are at the forefront of these campaigns, protecting workers rights and vital public services. Workers in all occupations should seriously consider trade union membership. Even Einstein was in a union and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why; ‘I consider it urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and, also to secure their influence in the political field.’”