Restoring station could ‘spark wider regeneration’ - ITW

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A North West rail lobby group say restoring the city’s old train station could spark a wider regeneration of the Waterside.

Into the West (ITW) say transforming the old station has “real potential to reconnect and revitalise Chapel Road, Gobnascale, Duke Street and Limavady Road right down to the river front.

“These are relatively neglected parts of our city, to some extent left behind by the advances of recent years.”

The comments come after the Into The West commissioned a group of architecture students from Queen’s University Belfast to detail how the station could look by the year 2020. The students have demonstrated what a difference refurbishment of the station could mean for Derry and in particular for the inner Waterside” says the lobby group.

“In view of what they produced in just four days, it would be unthinkable for Translink and the Department of Regional Development to choose any other option for Derry’s new rail terminus,” says Into The West.

The eight students - five of them first years - were taking part in Queen’s University School of Architecture’s ‘Street Society 2014’ programme. They spent last week in Derry at the invitation of ITW, which set them the challenge of describing the old station transformed as the city’s 21st century rail terminus.

“These students have demonstrated in three days, what has taken over two years for Translink and the Department not to produce,” ITW say. The students’ work is to be made available to both Translink and DRD. ITW called for their work to be taken account by decision makers currently processing the results of last year’s consultation on a new station.




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