Clarity over winter fuel

SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins has welcomed the reassurances given by the Social Security Agency in respect of Winter Fuel Payments.

Councillor Dobbins explained the process which would get underway in the coming days regarding the winter fuel payments.

She said: “I welcome confirmation from the Social Security Office that Winter Fuel payments will be made weekend of 2/3 November for those on Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance and War Pension.

“Payments will be made the following weekend of 9/10 November for those in receipt of state pension or Incapacity benefit.

“The payments will be processed over the weekend with a view to being in recipients’ accounts on the following Wednesday.

“The amount of Winter Fuel Payment you can get each winter can vary according to your personal circumstances.  Most payments are made automatically between mid-November and December.  You should get your money by Christmas 2013.  

“You will receive a notification letter giving you an estimated payment date.  If you qualify and you are not getting a Social Security benefit or you only receive Housing Benefit or Child Benefit you will need to make a claim.”

Colr. Dobbins added: “I would encourage people to avail of this vital payment which can greatly assist particularly vulnerable and elderly people during the winter months.”