Cliff Richard meets the young wans from Derry

Girls from Thornhill College meet Cliff Richard in Berlin
Girls from Thornhill College meet Cliff Richard in Berlin
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Outside the building where the Nazis made their decision to go ahead with the ‘Final Solution’ mightn’t be the first place you’d expect to meet a global celebrity - but that’s exactly what happened a group of Thornhill students who visited Berlin for an historical trip last week.

The girls had just arrived for a tour of the building where the Wansee Conference took place when they spotted Cliff Richard coming outside.

Starstruck, Cliff meets a group of girls from Thornhill

Starstruck, Cliff meets a group of girls from Thornhill

Ironically they revealed how they had just been singing ‘Summer Holiday’ on their way there.

And no-one was more star struck than teacher Jarleth Parlour - as upper sixth pupils Louise Ward and Katie Boyle explained:

“I looked over and said, that German man looks just like Cliff Richard, then Mr Parlour said it was Cliff Richard. He was really nice and was asking us if we were German, we told him we were Irish. From how excited we were I think Cliff Richard must think he is really famous in Ireland,” said Katie.

Lower sixth pupil Ruth McDuff said Cliff was kitted out in white trousers, yellow sunglasses and a mahogany tan.

“Out came the phones and we were going mad taking pictures,” she said. “None of us thought to get an autograph though, we didn’t have any pen or paper with us.

“We surrounded him and he said to us: ‘This is that awkward moment when you are swamped by teenage girls,” said Rebecca Tierney. “It was so random and unexpected.”

Travelling with teachers Jarleth Parlour, Brendan Deane, Ciara Collins and Rosemary McCafferty the girls also visited the Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish memorial, a concentration camp, the Stasi prison and the remains of the Berlin Wall which some of the girls signed.

But they all agreed that while Berlin was a fascinating place to visit and they learned a lot, the highlight of the trip was meeting Sir Cliff.

They now intend to enter the picture of themselves and the singing star in a competition.