Clipper crew throw some shapes onboard the ‘happy’ boat

The crew of the Derry Clipper boat have been getting into the groove with their own rendition of the Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’.

The shipmates on the 13/14 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race vessel showed off their dancing skills in their upbeat four-minute video while out at sea as they travelled from San Francisco to Panama at the weekend.

Members of the Derry-Londonderry celebrate the countdown to home surf...

Members of the Derry-Londonderry celebrate the countdown to home surf...

The team had every reason to be happy as they sailed into the Panama sunshine at the head of the pack at the end of the 11th race during Leg 7 of the circumnavigation competition.

The Derry boat crew, who are currently sitting in sixth position overall of the 12 boats taking part in the Race, filmed the video and uploaded it on their own initiative.

The previous Derry boat crew back in 2012 also put together a music video featuring their anthem ‘Tubthumping’.

The next port of call for the current boats will be Jamaica, and then on to New York before crossing the Atlantic to be welcomed to Derry.

The arrival of the fleet into the River Foyle will trigger the start of the Foyle International Maritime Festival, which runs from June 21st to 29th.

The event will feature an opportunity to jump onboard a variety of different sea vessels, with concerts including music from the Beach Boys, as well as the return of the Ubuntu Festival of World Traditions as well as the Summer Solstice Music City Day.

Derry City Council has invested in a two race partnership with Clipper Ventures and will again take part in the 15/16 race.

This follows the success of the first Derry entry in the 11/12 race and the massive public response to the Homecoming festival in June 2012.