Club Óige Setanta joins Youth in Action Programme

Club �ige Setanta pictured during a recent trip to Todd's Leap. (121012JC8)
Club �ige Setanta pictured during a recent trip to Todd's Leap. (121012JC8)

Irish language youth club Club Óige Setanta, based in Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin in Derry, has won funding from the European Union to run a joint youth exchange with a youth group from Bilbao, Spain.

Eight young people and three leaders from the club will travel to Bilbao on October 27 and stay until November 3.

The young people will be working together on the promotion of understanding between minority language youths; of links between minority language groups to help tackle difficulties experienced, and the promotion of the support provided by the European Union.

Club Óige Setanta won the funding through the Youth in Action programme managed in the UK by the British Council and funded by the European Union.

The programme helps young people to become active citizens and better equipped for the world of work, and promotes solidarity, social cohesion and co-operation within Europe and neighbouring countries.

Sinéad Warnock, group leader with Club Óige Setanta told the ‘Journal’: “I really think our young people will take a lot away from this trip, not only will they get to experience a new culture but they’ll have an inside view into how local Basque people view their own culture and language. This will in turn heighten their interest and understanding of how they themselves fit into Irish culture and we hope that they will gain a sense of pride as they begin to understand their importance as speakers of their native tongue and what advantages this in turn offers them.”

Head of EU Programmes at the British Council, Simon William, added: “Youth in Action aims to prepare young people for life and work in our global society.”

“Initiatives like this one help to build trust and understanding between people of different cultures. They also broaden our young peoples’ horizons and equip them with the skills and understanding they need to become global citizens.”

For more information on Club Óige Setanta, please contact Sinéad Warnock on: 71 264132 or 07849394001 or email: