Bogside welcome for East Antrim bikers

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The Roaring Meg festival has raised funds for a Derry child with an incurable condition, and for the Barnardo’s charity.

Funds are still coming in from the weekend bikers’ event on the Derry walls. This year’s spectacular festival also saw bikers from East Antrim ride through the Bogside for a special welcome.

As well as for Barnardo’s, the bikers raised funds for little two-year-old Charley Ward.

Mum of three, Maryrose Ward, has to use up to 40 needles a day to lance painful blisters from her two year-old daughter’s body.

Little Charley suffers from a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) which leaves her skin extremely fragile. The slightest of friction on little Charley’s skin can give rise to very painful blisters. There is no cure and it is a condition Charley will have to endure the rest of her life.

“There are families much worse off than us but it still breaks my heart when I have to lance her blisters every morning and every night,” Maryrose told the Derry Journal.

“God love her, I have to change the dressings on her wee feet every couple of hours and the only time she complains is at night when I lance the blisters. Most children don’t like needles at the best of times of but our Charley comes face to face with them everyday because of her condition but God love her, she’s a wee trooper.”

The bikers were thanked by MEP Martina Anderson for doing so much unheralded good work for so many good causes.




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