Derry’s ‘inspiring’ young people recognised at Credit Union awards awards

The Young Social Innovators from St Cecilia's College.

The Young Social Innovators from St Cecilia's College.

Some of the most remarkable and inspiring young people in the city were last night recognised at the prestigious Derry Credit Union Young People’s Awards at the City Hotel.

The awards have long been associated with recognising the achievements of young people from right across the community in the North West, and this year was no different.

The awards cover a wide spectrum and recognise excellence in the arts, entrepreneurship as well as awards for caring and showing courage. Young people are also recognised for their contributions to sport and volunteering.

Those recognised were individuals and groups from right across the city.

St Mary’s College had two winners – pupil Megan Cooley was recognised for managing to keep her education on track while caring for her terminally ill mum. Megan, whose mum died last December, was described as a “role model to her peers.”

Hannah Carlin, also a St Mary’s student, was recognised for her courage in the face of coping with the loss of both of her parents at a young age.

Ross Atkinson was also the recipient of a courage award for his bravery in dealing with Cerebral Palsy and a number of other serious health conditions.

St Mary’s College student Annie McCauley was recognised for her outstanding leadership, and was described as someone who “restores faith in the younger generation” by broadcaster Anita Robinson. The ‘Young Social Innovators’ from St Cecilia’s won the group award for leadership.

St Cecilia’s College Year 11 pupil and t-shirt designer Niamh Gallagher was recognised for her entrepreneurship, as were members of the Top Dog Company from St Cecilia’s.

The highly talented Aoife McShane from Thornhill College was recognised for her contribution to sport.

Volunteering Award winners were the Curriculum Enrichment Group from St Columb’s College and St John’s Ambulance cadet Niall Edwards.

The St John Ambulance Western Area Youth also won the Derry Credit Union Limited Youth Committee Award.

Contribution to the arts awards were won by Niamh McCay and the St Columb’s College Senior Wind Band.

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