Julia celebrates 100 years in style with birthday bash

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An adopted Derry woman celebrated her 100th birthday this week surrounded by her family and friends.

Julia Faherty, originally from the port town of Drogheda in Co. Louth but living in Derry for the past nine years, was born on March 12, 1914 - just months before the outbreak of World War One.

Julia, a mother of four and grandmother of seven, is the first ever resident of Seymour Gardens Nursing Home, Caw, to become a centenarian.

On Wednesday afternoon, Julia was the centre of attention at the Waterside nursing home as friends and family gathered to celebrate her 100 years.

Among the birthday throng was grand-daughter Martina Hutton - herself originally from Drogheda but living in Derry a “lifetime”.

Martina, who’s married to Derry businessman, Tim Hutton, says Julia remains in “remarkable shape” for a 100-year-old.

“She never smoke or drank alcohol in her life and always ate basic food - so, perhaps, that’s her secret to a long life,” Martina, from Dunhugh Park, told the ‘Journal’.

“My granny has Alzheimer’s and, while she knows something is happening today, I’m not too sure if she knows it’s her 100th birthday.

“It’s a special day for everyone here at Seymour Gardens as Julia is the first ever resident in its 27 year history to reach the age of 100.”

According to Martina, Julia was once a talented musician - particularly on the accordion and harmonica.

“She doesn’t play the accordion any more but will still have a go on the harmonica,” says Martina.

Since Julia Faherty was born 100 years ago, the world has been through two global conflicts, seen a man walk on the moon, witnessed the fall of the Soviet Empire, appointed 17 Presidents of the United States of America and 19 different British PMs.




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