Con’s bare foot trek - part two

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Newtowncunnigham man Con Holmes is doing a 15km bare foot walk from Letterkenny to Newtowncunningham on Friday 22nd June at 5pm. And it’s not the first time Con has got his shoes and socks off for a good cause.

Last year Con walked from Bridgend to Newtown home but this year he is taking it a bit further.

According to Con’s wife, Betty, the well known cancer care activist, he is a ‘wee bit away with it’ in that walking bare footed over sharp stones is not for everyone.

Said Betty: “The family are very proud of him even if he is a wee bit away with it -the barefoot thing!!

“The fact that he identified the Breast Unit as a beneficiary makes us all proud. Con did this in recognition of the work of the Breast Unit, DACC and also the fact that we have four daughters and at present 4 granddaughters.

“This walk is a great opportunity for folk to come along join in for a wee bit of the walk, do the whole thing or do what suits you on the day. By the way, if you join us on the walk you can keep your shoes on, off or whatever suits you. You will also get a wee cuppa tea and a piece at Coyle’s Bar and Restaurant in Newtowncunningham when Con arrives back there. Coyle’s were a fine example of Newtowncunningham hospitality last year and will do a great job this year also.

Sponsor cards are availble from Kathleen at the Newtowncunnigham Commnity Development Initative office 074 91 56898 or by phoning Betty at 087 2905 946. If not there will be a bucket collection on the day.Last year Con created a bit of his walk from Bridgend and part of that can be viewed on YouTube - by clicking here