Accused of robbery and domestic assault

Man due in court
Man due in court

A 24-year-old man accused of assaulting his girlfriend and ‘wrecking’ her flat has been remanded in custody.

Phillip Norman Devenney, whose address was given on court papers as Meridian Apartments, John Street, is charged with robbery, common assault, burglary with intent to cause damage and criminal damage on October 31.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the couple were dressed up for Hallowe’en and were going out.

Devenney allegedly made a number of comments about the alleged injured party’s costume and they were ‘bickering’ before they left the house.

As they walked to a house party the court heard allegations that the 24-year-old pushed the woman, grabbed her and slapped her about the head.

Devenney also allegedly twisted the woman’s arm, took her mobile phone off her and damaged it.

The court heard claims he has damaged 13 phones belonging to the woman during their two and a half year relationship.

It is further alleged that the 24-year-old forced entry to the woman’s flat, smashed a TV, ripped up her clothes and damaged a cross which was made to commemorate their child who died earlier this year.

During police interview Devenney denied the offences.

Opposing bail, an investigating officer said there is a domestic violence history between the couple and police fear further offences.

District Judge Peter King refused bail for fear of further offences. He said Devenney is ‘clearly someone who has difficulty controlling your temper’.

The 24-year-old will appear in court again next month.