Accused of stealing and damaging tag


A teenager claimed that his electronic tag was pulled off while he was playing football, a court has heard.

Jordan Hazlett, of Ernest Street, is charged with theft and criminal damage of an electronic tag worth £190 on June 27.

The 19-year-old is currently on bail for charges of burglary, making off without paying and disorderly behaviour between April and June, this year.

As part of his bail conditions he was ordered to wear the electronic tag, abide by a curfew and was banned from consuming alcohol.

However, Hazlett admitted breaching two of the bail conditions in the days before the alleged theft and damage. He admitted coming home after his curfew and drinking £450 worth of rum with two other people.

Derry Magistrates Court heard Hazlett was arrested for unrelated matters and police noticed he was not wearing his electronic tag.

The teen said he had been playing football when a friend asked to see the tag.

He claimed the friend then ‘yanked’ the tag off his leg and threw it along a grass verge in the Glen. The tag was recovered a day later.

ODefence solicitor Paddy MacDermott said his client had been subject to a sectarian attack the last time he was on remand and ‘would be very fearful of going back into prison’.

Refusing bail, District Judge John Meehan said there were ‘very low prospects of reliable behaviour’ from Hazlett due to his ‘flagrant failure to comply with bail terms’.

The teen was remanded in custody to appear in court again on July 24.