Broke window, then found crying on doorstep of house

A 30-year-old Limavady man has received a suspended jail sentence for criminal damage and assaulting a police officer.

Luke Watson of Glenview Drive in Limavady pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a window and assaulting a police officer on March 12, and to criminal damage of a window on August 16.

Limavady Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday that at 8.30pm on March 12 Watson had broken a window at an address and, when he was being arrested, he committed the assault.

A public prosecutor explained Watson had arrived at the home of his ex-partner on March 12, shouting to see his child, but the female would not allow Watson in. Watson began banging on the window and smashed it.

On August 16, police received a report of a drunk male banging on the door of an address. When police arrived on scene they found him on the doorstep, crying, saying he wanted to give his child a birthday present. While banging on the door he damaged the glass, but said he didn’t mean to.

A defence solicitor said it was a “very sad situation”, but the way Watson dealt with it was “inappropriate” and he had since apologised. The solicitor said it wasn’t a pleasant situation, “but he (Watson) just wants to be a father”.

Deputy District Judge Peter King said the protection of the ex-partner and child was the prime concern.

For criminal damage and assault on a police officer on March 12, Watson was sentenced to two months in jail, suspended for 18 months, on each count, and ordered to pay £75 compensation.

For the criminal damage on August 16, Watson was jailed for two months, consecutive to the other sentence, suspended for 18 momths.