Campaign aimed at netting drug dealers

Limavady police and the local District Policing Parternship have joined forces in a major campaign aimed at tackling the sale and supply of drugs in the area.

The two agencies are appealing to residents throughout the Roe Valley ‘not to turn a blind eye’ to the sale and supply of illegal drugs in our towns and villages.

This message hitting the streets is at the very heart of ‘Silent Guardian’ - a joint initiative involving Limavady District Policing Partnership and local police as they work together to keep our streets and neighbourhoods drug free.

Chair of the DPP, Councillor Edwin Stevenson, explains: “We do not want to get to a point where the use and supply of illegal drugs is commonplace in our communities. Too many families in our Borough are already living with the consequences of drug use. This campaign puts our message front and centre - if you are aware of drug dealing in your street don’t turn a blind eye. Drugs are often connected to other forms of criminality and it is in all our interests to make sure that those involved are brought to the attention of police.”

Supporting the campaign PSNI Area Commander Chief Inspector Sam Donaldson added: “This not about being alarmist - the reality is that drugs exist in nearly every city, town and village in Northern Ireland. We have some notable successes in this area, most recently with the seizure of over £80,000 worth of cocaine and the discovery of a cannabis factory followed by a numbers of arrests. Our actions demonstrate quite clearly that when we receive information about drug dealing we will respond.

“Community support is vital and would encourage everyone to get behind this initiative. The campaign makes very clear the type of information police need from the community to tackle drug dealing. The information supplied by you may be a final piece of data that enables police to conclude an investigation; alternatively, it could be new information that the police are unaware of but could lead to a new enquiry.

“Do you know the address of the property where you suspect drug dealing is taking place? What vehicles do you see coming and going and at what times - licence plate details are key. At what times do you notice increased activity around the property and are you aware of what types of drugs are being sold?

“Help us take drugs out of circulation by reporting any suspicious activity at houses or street corners in the area where you live. Noisy parties, callers at unusual hours and windows that are always covered up can be an indication of suspicious activity.

“Over the coming weeks you will see posters and billboards promoting the campaign. Neighbourhood Officers, supported by their DPP colleagues, will be distributing leaflets in targeted areas and encouraging residents to speak out against drug dealing.”

Limavady Mayor Sean McGlinchey said he was in full support of the campaign, and urged people with any information about drug dealing in their area to give it to the police or their local councillor.

Police urge anyone with information about drug dealing, or any form of criminality, to contact police on 0845 600 8000 or a member of your local Neighbourhood Team directly; details can be found on the PSNI website.

Alternatively, if someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details, they can contact the independent charity ‘Crimestoppers’ and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111.