Champ cage fighter in court

An Irish champion cage fighter has had his electronic tag removed to allow him to defend his national title next month.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday that the tag was causing Stephen Henderson (36) of 2 Tiger Court, Antrim, “huge problems” in the combative sport.

The wearing of a tag was one of several bail conditions imposed on Henderson, who is accused of possessing cannabis, intent to supply the drug, driving while uninsured and without a licence, and failing to stop.

Applying for a variation in his client’s bail conditions, a defence solicitor said the sport involves both punching and kicking and that the tag was making it difficult for Henderson to train for his title defence. He told the court that Henderson knocked out a sparring partner with the tag during training “the other day”. He said his client is a current Irish champion cage fighter in his weight division and is due to defend his title in a month’s time. District Judge Austin Kennedy said: “The tag will be removed to allow you to participate in this competition.”