‘Champion kickboxer’ broke phone

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A ‘World Champion kickboxer’ broke his girlfriend’s phone in a jealous rage after seeing a picture of her with another man.

Damien McGuinness, of Oranmore Park appeared pleaded guilty to damaging his girlfriend’s iPhone on July 3, last year.

Two counts of assault and threats to kill were withdrawn after the 24-year-old’s girlfriend made a withdrawal statement.

McGuinness also appeared in Derry Crown Court on Friday and was refused bail in relation to further allegations of assault.

The local magistrates court heard that McGuinness threw the phone and smashed it after an argument with his girlfriend.

Defence counsel Nicola Coulter said that the 24-year-old had been at photos with his girlfriend on her phone when he saw a photo of her with another man.

He didn’t approve of this and threw the iPhone at a wall.

Ms Coulter said the ‘champion kickboxer’ has apologised for his actions and fixed the phone.

She added that he and the injured party have ‘made up’.

District Judge Barney McElholm gave McGuinness a two-year conditional discharge.