Child rape accused said ‘she wasn’t that age’ - court hears


The mother of a man accused of raping his sister heard him say “she wasn’t that age” when he was challenged that she was just eight years old.

During her evidence at Derry Crown Court, the mother of a 40-year-old man who faces ten sex offences allegedly committed between September 1, 1985, and November 24, 1999 - said she spoke with him in October 2011, on the day he was questioned by police over the allegations. She said the older sister of the alleged victim and her own sister accompanied her to the home of the accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons. She said the sister of the victim, her daughter, was engaged in a conversation with the accused and as the three of them got up to leave, she heard her daughter say: ‘She was eight’. “He said ‘she wasn’t that age’ and the three of us just looked at one another,” she told the court. She said she knew it was “to do with” her young daughter. At that stage the mother was aware of the allegations against her son, the court heard.

Defence Counsel told the court she made a statement to police about the conversation in December 2012, some 14 months after the event. Under cross examination she said the exchange of words “was brought up in the house “ during a conversation with family members at a later date and that she then remembered it and reported it to police. “I didn’t remember about it and that is the truth,” she said. She told the court that what was said “confirmed” to her that her son had “done something” to her young daughter.

The trial continues.