Cops warning to weekend revellers

Police in Limavady are warning weekend revellers who indulge in too much alcohol and engage in anti-social behaviour that it won’t be tolerated.

It is understood police stepped up their presence in the town centre last weekend following concerns they had over violent crime the previous weekend.

Limavady PSNI Inspector Clive Spence told the ‘Journal’: “Police are concerned that the levels of violent crime have been on the increase in the borough and we have no doubt that some of this is due to over indulgence in alcohol.

“We have carried out a number of high visibility patrols and we believe they are having an effect in deterring offences and identifying offenders.

“Over the weekend, we made several arrests for indecent behaviour and disorderly behaviour and carried out checks of licensed premises.

“These operations will continue to try to ensure that the streets of Limavady and other towns and villages in the borough are safer places for all who live and socialise there.”

Limavady DPP member SDLP Colr. Gerry Mullan said any increase in violent crime is very worrying.

“I have no doubt it is as a result of over indulgence of alcohol,” he said. “Although Limavady is generally a very safe and enjoyable place to socialise, like most towns, this is a problem with over indulgence of alcohol which can manifest itself in violent crime. This only puts extra pressure on the police and eats up resources which could be used to tackle other crimes, such as burglaries and other types of anti soicial behaviour.”