Creggan school vandalism slammed

The Mayor of Derry Colr. Kevin Campbell. (1506PG01)
The Mayor of Derry Colr. Kevin Campbell. (1506PG01)

Councillors and community leaders have called for an end to vandalism attacks on Holy Child Primary School in the Creggan area of the city.

The call was made after a number of windows were broken at the school on Central Drive in recent weeks since the school holidays began.

Councillor Jim Clifford

Councillor Jim Clifford

Triax Community Restorative Justice co-ordinator Sean Collins met with the school authorities following the attacks and called on people living in the area of the school to be vigilant.

“Over recent weeks there have been a series of attacks on the Holy Child Primary school at Central Drive. Young people are believed to be responsible and the staff at the school are appealing for those responsible to stop,” he said.

Mr Collins continued: “This is a local school attended by local children and although it may seem to be a bit of harmless fun for those involved it has resulted in a number of the window being broken.

“The repair cost of these windows has to be found within the school budget and has to be redirected from money set aside for the educational needs of the pupils. This means that it is the pupils attending the school who are the ones to suffer as a consequence of this vandalism.”

Local councillor and Mayor of Derry, Kevin Campbell backed Mr Collins’ appeal. “I would ask those people responsible to think about what they are doing. They may think that this is a bit of fun but they are attacking a community school and the cost of these attacks are being carried by local children, some of whom may well be their younger brothers and sisters.”

SDLP councillor Jim Clifford also condemned the vandalism. “This, along with other incidents of vandalism in the Creggan area, must be condemned.

“I would appeal to parents to keep an eye on their children and know what they are up to during the summer holidays.

“Schools do not need the expense of replacing broken windows caused by vandalism,” he said.