Crime: 69 race hate crimeswere reported in G District last year

Police cordon
Police cordon

Last year there were 69 reported racist hate crimes in G District, it has emerged.

That’s less than in Belfast (307 racist crimes) but more than everywhere else except the Armagh area, where there were also 69 such crimes.

South and East Belfast accounted for the largest number of hate crimes - 219 were reported there in 2013.

In G District there were 58 racial crimes against individuals, five against individuals’ homes and eight other racist crimes.

There were 621 such crimes across the whole of Northern Ireland.

Most victimised were Northern Irish people - 54 racist crimes against individuals. Poles (38), Portuguese (16), Turks (15), people describing their nationality as United Kingdom (15) and Hungarians (10) were the next most victimised nationalities. Northern Irish people also suffered the highest number of reported racist attacks on their homes (26), followed by Poles (21), Slovaks (10), and Chinese (nine).