Curiosity about coal lorry gets the better of Limavady man - court told

Limavady Courthouse.
Limavady Courthouse.

A court has heard how “curiosity got the better” of a 59-year-old Limavady man who opened the rear door of a coal lorry causing several tonnes of coal to spill onto the road.

Samuel Campbell from Keady Way in the town appeared at Limavady Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for the offence of interference with a vehicle on Main Street in the town on July 29.

The court heard police were called to the scene at approximately 1.35am where members of the public had reported seeing Campbell pulling flowers and plants from a flower bed. When police arrived they found Campbell crounching on his knees behind two parked cars. The back of his pullover was soiled and his hands were dirty.

The court heard there was between three to four tonnes of coal lying on the street, which caused an obstruction and took approximately one hour to clear.

A defence solicitor for Campbell said his client was curious about what was in the back of the lorry and that “curiosity got the better of him”.

District Judge Liam McNally said what he wanted to know was what was a coal lorry doing on Limavady Main Street in July. The Prosecution said the owner of the lorry lived there and parked the lorry outside his house.

Judge McNally said it was an inconsiderate type of offence and fined Campbell £350, and imposed an offender’s levy of £15.