Defendant wished he was a pit bull

A man who told a police officer, ‘I wish I was a pit bull because I would bite your f****** nose off’ has been fined £500 and given a 12 month conditional discharge.

Ciaran McGeoghegan, of Belvoir Park, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and possession of a class B drug on November 16, 2013.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that police asked McGeoghegan to move from the middle of the road and he shouted ‘dirty gypsy orange RUC b*******’. He added ‘I’ll stand where I f****** want’.

While being arrested he made the comment about wishing he was a pitbull.

The court was then told McGeoghegan also made ‘a less than complimentary remark about a member of the judiciary’.

District Judge Barney McElholm said: “This is stupid behaviour. It’s probably not a good idea to make

remarks about the person that’s going to be sentencing you but I suppose you could have found something worse to say, many do.”