Defendants had to pay the “ultimate Ryanair surcharge”

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Two Derry men who admitted being drunk and abusive to cabin crew on board a plane have been fined £750 each.

John Patrick Johnston, of 35 Carnhill, and Paul Daniel McIntyre, of 84 Ederowen Park, pleaded guilty to being abusive towards a female member of Ryanair cabin crew.

The 32-year-olds also admitted being drunk onboard the Stansted to City of Derry flight on August 16, last year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that the men were arrested on the flight, after the captain phoned police.

During the flight the men had engaged in “banter” with the air hostess, however it took a “nasty turn.”

All the passengers on board were prevented from disembarking for around 20 minutes after the plane landed at City of Derry Airport, until police arrived.

Defence solicitors for Johnston and McIntyre said their clients wished to apologise for their behaviour and realised they were going to have to pay “the ultimate Ryanair surcharge.”

District Judge Barney McElholm was told the maximum sentence for the offences was a monetary fine.

Fining the men £750, the judge said if he could impose another sentence “I would do so.”

Mr McElholm said any bad behaviour on a plane was upsetting both to cabin crew and the “many, many people” on board the plane.