Driver crashed car into field

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A Muff driver was disqualified when he drove a car and crashed it into a field, a court has heard.

Terry Barr, 540 Grove Cottages, Muff pleaded guilty to a number of motoring offences at Buncrana District Court last week.

The court heard how Sergeant Stephen Canny received a report at 7am on August 30th 2013 of a vehicle off the road in a field at Drumhaggart. Burnfoot.

On arrival at the scene, he found the vehicle lying on its side. There was no driver in the vehicle. On investigation, Sgt Canny found documents belonging to Barr. He later spoke to the 42-year-old, who admitted driving.

He told the Sgt. he had no recollection of the time leading up to the collision or of how it occurred. Sgt. Canny asked Barr to produce his motoring documents, which he opted to do at Muff Garda Station. The documents were never produced.

The court heard how the registered owner of the car declined to make a statement as did the owner of the land where the collision took place. Barr sustained a fractured wrist, some bruising and minor cuts in the collision. He was charged with three charges of hit and run (failing to stop, failing to give appropriate information and failing to remain at the scene); driving without a licence, no insurance and no tax.

The court heard Barr possessed previous convictions and was disqualified for four years on September 31st, 2009 for driving without a licence or insurance.

This meant he was disqualified at the time of the most recent offence.

Defence solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian said a number of charges faced by Barr were “untenable” such as the failure to stop charge, as the vehicle was stationary in a field. He said he also did not fail to give information, as he had admitted driving.

Mr Dorrian said his client was in a “great deal of pain” following the incident and had banged his head and was disorientated. He added how Barr had “no real recollection of what had happened.”

Addressing the disqualification, Mr Dorrian said Barr had “dutifully” adhered to it, but had taken a chance a few days before it was to be lifted.

Judge Paul Kelly ordered Probation and Community Service reports and adjourned the case until November 13th.