Dungiven police barracks closure announcement?

Sinn Féin Dungiven Councillor Cathal Ó hOisín hopes the announcement of the final closure of Dungiven Barracks is imminent.

Councillor Ó hOisín stated: “I have been campaigning for the closure of the Dungiven PSNI station for many years now and I hope we could now be coming to the end of the process.

“The building itself costs almost £100,000 per annum to maintain and is staffed for about one hour per week and in a recent twelve month period only three members of the public had cause to visit it.

“This is a huge waste of public funding and does nothing for the delivery of accountable policing. Last year when as Mayor I met with Matt Baggot to emphasise the need to return this site to the community.

“I know of a number of community groups who have made a pitch for an alternative usage of this site and hopefully that this will be a catalyst for the regeneration of the heart of Dungiven.”

In a recent statement, a PSNI spokesperson said an estate strategy was developed in 2005 to cover the period up to 2010 and the position here on in is under review.

“The final decision on the disposal of any police station is made by the Northern Ireland Policing Board and a full consultation process, including input from the public, is undertaken before any decision is made, ” said the spokesperson, adding as a publicly funded organisation, the PSNI has a responsibility to ensure that all of our resources are used in the best and most effective way to support frontline policing”.