Elderly couple ‘at end of their tether’

Sean and Ann Fox who are terrified in their own home.  (2407JB110)
Sean and Ann Fox who are terrified in their own home. (2407JB110)

An elderly and infirm Galliagh couple have spoken of their distress and sleepless nights during trouble in the area in recent nights.

Ann and Sean Fox of Moss Park, who both suffer from serious medical conditions, were among around 3,000 residents left without power when an electricity sub-station was set on fire on Friday night.

Sean, (75), is bedridden by progressed Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia, and his 73-year-old wife Ann is both diabetic and asthmatic.

During the two-hour blackout, they were unable to use the electrically-powered lift linking their bedroom and living room.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, Ann said she was already living with the constant worry that Sean’s worsening condition could require hospitalisation and she dreaded to think what could happen if trouble continued.

A visibly distressed Ann told of sleepless nights spent anticipating imminent vandalism of the pensioners’ home. She described the youths responsible for trouble in the area as “10 to 11 year-old miscreants with no self-respect”.

Mrs. Fox blamed lax controls on social media networks such as Facebook for rallying trouble-makers gathered in the Galliagh area: “This was hardly off the cuff,” she said.

The trouble unfolding around them in Moss Park over the weekend follows damage to the pensioners’ garden fence by shopping trolleys being rolled down the street outside their home.

The Foxes say that many residents in the area are at the end of their tether, both emotionally and physically, with the escalation in loutish behaviour.

“Where are the parents of these children? Do they even care?” Mrs Fox asked.

The couple appealed to young people in the area to consider the impact of their behaviour on the rest of the community.

Meanwhile Clare Gallagher, a resident of the Ferndale Road area and mother of two young children, also spoke of her disgust: “It’s a disgrace.

“The welfare of infants and disabled elderly alike is being put on the line here, and it’s just not fair.”