Family criticise police actions following murder

The late Andrew Allen pictured with girlfriend Arlene Farley
The late Andrew Allen pictured with girlfriend Arlene Farley

The family and girlfriend of the late Andrew Allen have criticised the police on both sides of the border following his untimely death.

His girlfriend Arlene cannot understand why no description of the gunman has been issued.

She told the Journal: “Since the Guards and police haven’t given out a description, I would like to say that the man that I witnessed was about 5’8”, and wearing a black baseball cap and dark clothes. From what I could see he was on his own, holding what looked like a sawn-off shotgun.”

She also feels their perceived lack of action is letting Andrew’s loved ones down.

“Since Andrew died, no-one has called us. They haven’t called his mother and they haven’t come near anyone in the family or me.”

In respect of the ‘groups’ carrying out these attacks, Andrew’s uncle Tony said: “These vigilante groups are making the town very tentative. It’s a strain on the town. And I think the police are useless.

“They won’t go into the nationalist areas to police the community. What are they doing about these groups? They’re doing nothing.

“These groups are threatening everybody all of the time; soon we’re going to see grandparents under threat. In the last week, after Andy’s death, three more boys have got death threats; that’s no way to live.”