‘Happy to see 
them dead’ - says robbery victim

The 78 year old victim of two consecutive robberies within eight weeks reiterated that she would “be quite happy to see them (the perpetrators) dead on the road or at best, rotting away in jail

Phillis McGee who sprang to national attention after her appearance on Prime Time when she shocked many people by saying that she would be quite happy to see them dead on the road repeated her statement this week

Six weeks after her traumatic experience she said “I have no apologies to make. These thugs have no place around here targeting old people like myself in isolated areas.

“To this very day I live in fear of my life, am shaky and nervous and a feeling of terror comes over me when I see strange cars and people around here.”

Phillis lives in a very isolated area outside Pettigo at the foot of a mountain and has none of the modern comforts that we all take for granted.

The cottage has no running water, no electricity even though a the electricity supply just runs outside her front door. She depends totally on an old open hearth fire to heat the house and is quite happy with it. This strong minded woman has twelve cats as her companions in life and knows each and every one of them by name - “Some of the names I just take of packets or tins like “Brekkies” or “Whiskas” she joked.

Asked would she not like to have an electricity supply in her house she was adamant that didn’t want it inside the door at this stage of her life.

“I have my tilly lamp and radio and have plenty of heat from the open fire - I don’t watch the television and I don’t want it next or near the place. I get all the news I want from the radio and the Democrat and my cats are great company - what more do I want ?

“Since being attacked I have had loads of visitors and just yesterday received my personal alarm from Garda Battle in Ballintra.

“He spent the afternoon explaining everything to me and to be honest the Garda are really very good to me and drop in for a ‘ceilidh’ even when they are off duty.”

Lawrence McManus a community activist in the area said:

“We cannot have vulnerable people like Phillis suffering and living on a knife edge - they deserve better. The individual Gardai couldn’t be doing more and many of them are really doing a lot of this above and beyond the call of duty - they are doing it on their own time.”