‘Idiotic’ behaviour led to court

An ‘idiotic’ man who stood in the middle of the road ‘was very lucky someone didn’t run him over’, a court has heard.

Karl Wylie, of Kylemore Park, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour in the Shipquay Street area on September 21, last year. Derry Magistrate’s Court was told the 21-year-old stood in the middle of the road in the early hours of the morning obstructing traffic. It was revealed he was staggering over the road and a number of cars had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting him.

When police arrived he became aggressive and swore repeatedly at officers. Defence solicitor Paddy McDaid said Wylie had ‘stupidly drawn the attention of police to himself rather than coming out of a nightclub and going straight home’.

He added the 21-year-old’s behaviour was ‘foolish’ but he had now ‘turned his life around’. District Judge Barney McElholm ordered Wylie to complete 180 hours community service.