Letter warns students on behaviour

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Student’s at Derry’s Magee campus of the University of Ulster have been warned against indulging in excessive partying and getting involved in anti social behaviour.

Every student at Magee has received a letter from Professor Richard Barnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University and Claire Flanagan, Overall Student President, urging them to “be respectful and considerate of local residents and the communities that you live in.”

“As a University of Ulster student, you should be aware that you are a representative of the University both on and off campus, and carry with you the good name and reputation of the University,” the letter says.

“It is a regrettable fact that anti-social behaviour by a small minority of our students has, in the past, tarnished the good name of the University and its student body. The most common issues reported are noise related, including noisy parties and rowdy behaviour on streets.

The letter continues: “Accordingly, we ask that you be respectful and considerate of local residents and the communities that you live in, in order to protect the reputation of your University and foster good community relations.

“That said, we hope your time at the University will be rewarding and fulfilling, and that your studies with us are memorable – for all the right reasons.”

The Vice-Chancellor and Student President further write: “The start of the new academic year is always an exciting time for everyone at the University.

“We wish you well in your studies with us, and hope you will play an active role within the University and the Students’ Union during the forthcoming academic year.