Lifebelts thrown into Foyle

Vandals who threw every lifebelt on Derry’s Peace bridge into the river Foyle have been condemned.

Sinn Fein councillor Kevin Campbell - who during his year as Mayor chose Foyle Search and Rescue as his official charity - urged anyone with information about the vandalism to contact police.

“It absolutely ridiculous that anyone would even contemplate carrying out such actions. I saw throughout my year as Mayor the work and dedication of the volunteers of Foyle Search and Rescue and the importance of having life belts along the Peace Bridge and the riverfront,” he said.

Foyle Search and rescue crews discovered all the lifebelts had been vandalised during a patrol at 1am on Sunday morning.

It is second time in four months that the lifebelts have been vandalised. In July it was warned anyone who threw the belts into the Foyle were putting lives at risk.