Lights out blamed for Galliagh mayhem

The cars outside Bloomfiled park. (0304SL27) Photo; Stephen Latimer
The cars outside Bloomfiled park. (0304SL27) Photo; Stephen Latimer

Damage to street lights in Galliagh has been blamed for creating a breeding ground for anti-social mayhem.

In the early hours of Sunday four cars were burnt in the Bloomfield Park area, which was shrouded in darkness due to broken street lights. No street lights are currently working in the area of the attacks after thieves damaged them while stealing metal components in recent weeks.

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan said 15 light columns had been damaged in that particular area of Bloomfield due to the theft of cables. “That morning the whole place was in pitch darkness and nobody saw what happened. There is no other reason why these incidents happened other than opportunistic anti-social behaviour.”

In a separate incident three men were treated for smoke inhalation after a petrol bomb attack on a house in Fern Park on Saturday morning. It has been reported that a street fight broke out following a party in the area at around 11am and that a petrol bomb was thrown at a house shortly afterwards.

Colr Hassan has appealed to anyone with information about the incident to call the police. “There is no justification for the attacks that took place in the Galliagh area over the weekend and sooner or later we will be looking at a tragedy due to these mindless actions. No-one has the right to destroy other people’s property and the loss of these cars will inflict untold hardship on working class families.”